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"THE INDIVIDUAL PERSONS ARE THE SOURCE AND END OF ART. Therefore, private initiatives and private institutions are often the most valuable energies to value and support."

- Kuo Pao Kun, "Evolving Roles of Singapore Theatre"

Kuo Pao Kun Foundation has relied on the support of generous patrons who share its core vision and values.

With the emergence of a new generation of Singaporean arts practitioners, the foundation's work is far from over.

We are looking for patrons who believe in the need to:

  • Nurture arts institutions and practitioners who wish to contribute positively to life and humanity

  • Deepen the understanding and exploration of Singapore's cultural diversity through the arts

  • Break boundaries and advocate for the spirit of experimentation and playing in all artistic endeavours

If you wish to be a part of this journey, please donate generously to us.


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