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About Kuo Pao Kun Foundation

Founded in December 2007 and initiated by Mr Sim Wong Hoo, Kuo Pao Kun Foundation aims to continue promoting the spirit and values of the late theatre doyen, Kuo Pao Kun.

Through his works, Kuo devoted himself to the exploration and understanding of Singapore's culturally diverse landscape. Recognised as a central figure of Singapore theatre, he is remembered for his fearless transgression of boundaries and unwavering commitment towards nurturing socially-engaged practitioners. Prominent individuals mentored by Kuo include Alvin Tan (The Necessary Stage), and Yeo Yann Yann (two-time Golden Horse Award Winner).

Today, the foundation continues Kuo's works in nurturing outstanding and progressive artists and organisations in Singapore. Notable beneficiaries include The Theatre Practice and Drama Box. 

Vision/Mission: To provide funding support to Arts and Cultural Groups and individuals who demonstrate or exemplify Kuo Pao Kun’s spirit in exploring and understanding Singapore’s culturally diverse landscape through their artistic practice. The foundation also intends to receive donations from corporates and members of the public to fund its works.


Areas of support include:

  • Arts education

  • Artistic creation and presentation


The world doesn't treat us unkindly or forget us

in the midst of solitude

even the maize each day teaches me generously:


let the shoots rise up high

take in all the sunlight

and love the wind and rain


let the roots reach down deep

suck in all the nutrients

and keep the body firm


only wishing that in the rich harvest

transforming all that it has

into a few fruits and offering them to us


1977 Lunar New Year

in mutual encouragement


Pao Kun


This poem was written by Kuo Pao Kun on a Lunar New Year (1977) card he made under detention; first published in Lianhe Zaobao, 15 September 2002.

(Translated by Teo Han Wue and Kwok Kian Woon)

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